Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ode to the Black Industrial Smoke by I-95

Like a wintery wonderland in reverse...
It's daylight and the twinkly holiday lights of the large complex
The parts of the factory so intricate, like a new Christmas toy
A toy car, maybe the engine of Duesenberg replica,
But much, much bigger
Twinkling in the reflection of the river,
That black river still and heavy with the chemicals
Still and dead, but for a few hardy and ugly river fish
That people would only catch for sport

From the chimney of the daytime winter wonderland rises...
The Blackest of the Black Smoke
Puff Puff Puff....Pheeeeeewwwwweeeeee out out out
Puff Puff Puff....pheeeeeewwwweeeeeeeeeee
It keeps on puffing Out Out Out
Up and Up
Out and Out

Till a daytime night blankets the sky
The invisible magic air
Spreading over Port Richmond and Northeast
Spreading sober holiday cheer

Who sees this daytime wonderland?
The magic seeps into everything
Seeps into your lungs, your hair
Seeps through your closed doors
Only an air purifier
And keeping your door closed
Can save you now...

Where is the oxygen? Where is it coming from?
Can we manufacture that?

What about the old-fashioned winter wonderland not made by
Oil refineries and industrial magic?

Give me back my elaborate electric train with the lighted tunnel
That will not give me lung cancer, breast cancer, brain cancer