Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Mostly, I switched to Facebook as my preferred medium of mindless self-expression! Well, it's become mindless, because my real self-expression now takes place during actual face-to-face encounters. This is because I have gotten A JOB.

Who was the wiseguy who actually liked my last post? It was a heartfelt post full of love for my baby, but I realize it was crap! So, that person is quite the joker.

Well, I could use a little more time to discuss my son. I have gone from maternal bliss to working 9 hours a day and keeping him in daycare, because his father is basically unable and unwilling to take care of him. Daycare is a very mixed experience. Diseases spread through it like wildfire. Between it and my job at a school, we have been continuously sick from January, when I started the job, till a few days ago, with about one week's respite. My son has even had to go to the emergency room for croup, and has developed chronic ear infections as a result of a constantly runny nose. He still has infected ears. The doctors are waiting a while rather than rushing to give an antibiotic. I go to the doctor's for him or myself on average once every two weeks to weekly.

I am too exhausted to stay awake....more later....

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