Sunday, July 06, 2014

Internet Footprints Disappear....a good thing???

Have 20,000 people really read this site? Why???? Well, I see that all trace of my life has officially disappeared. I googled myself and found that no traces of my former life (before kids) appear online. Only one does (and I won't say what it is) but it was a very minor project that I happened to peripherally take part in. Has my life really been this lame? A lot more job descriptions used to appear. Lately, I read that Google is now being sued in Europe because it keeps potentially negative posts about people online forever. It appears that they are cancelling things here, too. It was in 2005 or so that I was last rather prolific and would have appeared on more webpages. However, none of those appear online. More to the point: what the hell have I been doing? I have two beautiful children (not such a beautiful relationship) to show for my past ten years. Miraculously I have gotten by. I have taken care of an ailing parent. What will be left for me and my legacy?

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