Sunday, February 17, 2008

(journal 1) Nijel Cyril De Slatse: The All-American College Patriot

Nijel Cyril De Slatse is a fascinating person. He was voted fencer of the year in his hometown of Gilroy, California, the garlic powder capital of the world. He has visited Disney Land [sic] 34 times. He was elected "Most Devoted Member of Clean-Up Crew" two years in a row at his home town high, Gilroy High. He has written to Dayton College, Wheaton College, Vassar College, and Fordham University. He was created by Janet Powers and I about 2 years ago. We first created Nijel to make people believe that he really existed. Some people believed us! Nijel actually wrote to some colleges. He received one reply saying that he was one of the most talented young students who had written to Dayton College so far, had written to Dayton College so far, and went on to ask him if he would please come to one of four seminars on entering Dayton College, being given at the Stamford Howard Johnson's. Nijel Cyril De Slatse is fun, and I hope Janet and I do more with him soon.

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