Sunday, February 17, 2008

(mislabeled journal #15:) My Family History (abridged)

Most of my roots are in Austria and Germany. One set of my great-grandparents were born and died in Austria. Another set were born and died in Poland. Another set were born and died in Germany. I'm not sure bout the other set, but I know one was named Ida Myer, and was born in Germany and died in New York. She died when I was 4. I'm not sure of any of the others' names. My mother's mother was born in Vienna, Austria, and my mother's father was born in Poland. They met when my mother's father was studying medicine in Vienna. When WWII was about to start, my grandparents sensed trouble and came to the U.S. My mother was 10 months old, and very sick. She took her health tests to come to America several times, and didn't pass. My grandparents were about to leave her with my great-grandparents when she passed. My father's father emigrated from Germany and met my father's mother. They were distant cousins. My father lived on Bainbridge Ave. in the Bronx until he was 21.

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