Sunday, February 17, 2008

(journal #19:) My New Stuffed Animals

For my birthday, I got three new stuffed animals: 1) Fleagle the Beagle 2) Immer the bear and 3) Grandpa Snuffles. I picked out Fleagle the Beagle on my birthday at FAO Schwarz in New York. I had been to Dreamgirls earlier, and wanted something that cost ten dollars there. My father said he would give me the money, and I could spend it at any store I wanted. Fleagle cost $9.95. He has big, floppy ears, and paws, and has a big nose. He is very soft. Immer is a white Steiff bear. I got him for my birthday because I really wanted a Steiff bear. Grandpa Snuffles is a funny old chap. He is really cute and cuddly. He is the 5th member of my Snuffles family: Mama Snuffles, Papa Snuffles, Baby Snuff, Valentine Snuffles, and now-- Grandpa Snuffles. I love him. I love them all.

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