Sunday, February 17, 2008

(journal 2:) My Favorite Place in the Whole World

Even though I was only there for 9 days, my favorite place in the whole world is Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas. I stayed at the Paradise Beach Inn. From the moment I got there it really did seem like paradise. When we got there we went up to our rooms. The only bad part of the vacation was that I had to share a room with my bratty older sister, Laura, who is 20. Our room had a balcony. It was right next to beautiful palm trees. There were ripe and unripe coconuts underneath them. Every morning I would wake up, very early, and go downstairs. I would usually take my sister with me. We would play shuffleboard or ping-pong. It was beautiful. There were a board and a table right on the sand, and they were shaded by many palm trees. Then we would eat breakfast in the outdoor cafe, right on the beautiful beach. Then we would go for a swim on the beach or in the pool (I preferred the beach.) The sand of the beach was pure white and extremely fine. The water was light green and clear, if you were in water up to your chest, you could see your feet. It was always the perfect temperature in the water. I didn't burn the entire time I was there. There were no rocks, crabs, fish, or seaweed in the water. There was a coral reef at one end of the beach. The wonderful things about Paradise Beach could fill this notebook, but I have to finish.

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