Sunday, February 17, 2008

(journal #10:) How I would Feel if I Found Out I Was Adopted

If I found out I was adopted, I would be very angry at my parents for keeping it from me. My mother had a ceserean [sic] operation that was scheduled for October 1st. I often wonder what my birthay would be if it weren't scheduled. I used not to sympathize with people who wanted to find their real mothers, but now I understand. A mother is much more important than a birthday, and I often wonder what my real birthday is. I don't know if I would look for my real parents. I don't think I would be courageous enough, because I would be afraid of what I might find. Children who look for their real parents are cruel to their adoptive parents, but if my parents told me I was adopted, when I am twelve, I would be very angry.

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