Sunday, February 17, 2008

(journal #18:) Ninth Grade

I am not sure of my plans for ninth grade. I definitely want to stop taking woodworking, metal, art, and home arts. I CAN'T STAND woodworking and metal. I don't like them, and I am very bad at them. My mother is an artist and it is surprising that I am not talented at it, but I'm not, and I wish I were. I think that it's fun, but last year I couldn't produce anything nice or on time. Home arts is not that hard, but it's not very interesting. I might take it again next year, because it would be easy to get a good grade in it. I would take all of these classes if I only had a study, but I don't, because I'm in orchestra. I am pretty talented in mustic[sic], so I am going to take that again. I might take typing or performance. I hope I decide on my classes and get what I want.

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