Sunday, February 17, 2008

(journal #13:) New York, one of my Favorite Cities

I love going into New York. My family and I have lived here for 9 years, I have gone into New York about 200 times, and there is still nothing I like to do better when I have a whole day free.

My favorite thing in New York to do is go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Even if everything I see I have already seen again and again, I still love it. I guess it's just a feeling of freeness I get when I am there. I have time off from my family and can do whatever I want. I love the Astor Court. Sometimes I sit for hours in that one beautiful place. I also love all the very valuable jewelry, the Temple of Dendur, and the European Art by artists like Renoir.

I also love the world outside the museum. I like going to the theatre. I just saw Brighton Beach Memoirs, and I am going to see another play (I haven't chosen which one yet) in two weeks for my birthday.

I love just walking around Manhattan.

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