Sunday, February 17, 2008

(journal 7:) Breeding My Gerbils

I have two gerbils named Abaduscadabadusadusbusbaliusabuzzybabbaloobabbaloobabbalooandabuzzybabbaloo (Lil' Abner) and Baby Pompadour. As you can see, I named Abner when I was little. They are male and female, respectively. I'm not sure about it. They are adorable. Today I was thinking about putting them together and having a batch of tiny baby gerbils. There are some problems. Problem #1: I got Baby Pompadour from school, and there she got in a fight with her brother and chewed up his ear. I am not sure whether or not she would get along with Little Abner. He is helpless because he is so incredibly stout. Problem #2: I don't know whether or not Baby Pompadour would make a good mother. You can tell from observing her that she is very stupid. She is also very young. Problem #3: I'm not even sure of what sex the gerbils are. (Major problem.) I think that Lil' Abner is a male, and Baby Pompadour is a female, but I don't know. There are some good things, like I lowered Baby into Abby's cage, and they rubbed noses. I hope they get along.

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