Sunday, February 17, 2008

(journal #25:) Other Bums

I have seen many a bum. I am really scared of bums who want to clean your car, because they are usually younger and stronger than the others. Once I was on a train about to leave from Grand Central Station, when a bum (actually he really wasn't a bum, but he was asking for money) got on. He gave a speech to the passengers about how he had lost his job, his wife was sick, and he needed money to "help feed his children." He sent a paper cup around to collect. My mother put in money! Another time a bum asked my father for money was when we were on The Bowery (again.) A man came up to us who looked very strange. He had on a ripped red down jacket, to match his eyes. His whitish-blonde hair stuck straight up. He asked for money. My father said no, and he walked away, giving us a strange look.

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