Sunday, February 17, 2008

(journal #28:) I'm Definitely Getting a Puppy!

I'm very happy, because I'm definitely getting a puppy! My parents said that first I have to show that I will be responsible enough to take care of a puppy, which I think will be fairly easy. I know my basic duties. 1: housebreak puppy. I think I know how to do it. If the puppy goes to the bathroom indoors, scold him (or her) and put it outside. When it looks as though it's about to go to the bathroom, put it outside. 2: exercise. I know I would have to walk my puppy two or three times a day, which doesn't bother me 3: regular feeding times. I know I will have to make regular feeding times for my puppy, with plenty of snacks in-between. I can't wait to get my puppy!

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